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price : $280.00

a-100lc3: vintage edition

price : $295.00

the 1u version of the low cost cases a-100lc6/lc9 is now available. the a-100lc3 is very similar to the a-100lc6 but offers only one row with 84 hp for installation of modules. a-100lc3 is equipped with one power supply (1200ma) and one bus board. because of the limited space the power suppy of the diy-kit #1 with an external transformer is used (same as for the diy-kit #1). at the left side of the case the connector for the external transformer is located. the external transformer is not shown in the above pictures. the outside dimensions of the case are in mm about 445 (width) x 160 (depth) x 150 (height).

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