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a-192 voltage-to-midi interface cvm16

price : $175.00

A-192 Voltage-to-MIDI Interface CVM16

module a-192 is a cv-to-midi interface that converts 16 control voltages in the range 0...+5v into 16 midi controller messages. a-192 is the modular version of pocket control with the 16 rotary controls replaced by 16 miniature jack sockets to process any control voltages instead of the manually generated voltages of pocket control.

midi messages appearing the midi input are merged to the midi controller messages generated by the a-192.

128 different assignments (presets) of the 16 cv inputs to midi controller messages are available. switching between the 128 presets takes place with an 8-pin dip switch on the pc board (permanently) or via incoming midi program change messages (temporarily).

if none of the 128 factory presets is suitable new presets can be made with the pocket control editor which is available for free on the doepfer web site. please look at the pocket control manual for details concerning the available factory presets until the english manual for a-192 is available.

A-192 Voltage-to-MIDI Interface CVM16: Side View

the snapshot button transmits the 16 momentary states of the 16 inputs as midi controller messages.

typical applications:
theremin-to-midi (a-178 + a-192)
light-to-midi (a-179 + a-192)
sequencer-to-midi (a-155 + a-192)
envelope-to-midi (a-119 + a-192)
random-to-midi (a-118 + a-192)
midi interface for vocoder (a-129-1 -> a-192 / a-191 -> a-129-2)

A-192 Voltage-to-MIDI Interface CVM16: Rear View

this module has a maximum current draw of 80ma. it requires 12 te/hp worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

to view this module's user manual as a pdf file, please click here.

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