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price : $599.00


these are the most important features of the a-100cgk (ready built version):
slightly weighted four octaves keybed tp/9 with velocity and monophonic after-touch
black aluminium case with white printing

available in/outputs:
cv1: controlled by the currently pressed key, 1v/octave standard, 0...+5v range (5 octaves)
cv2: controlled by the velocity, 0...+5v range
cv3: controlled by the after-touch sensor, ~ 0...+2.5v range
gate: 0/+5v (can be changed internally to 0/+u or s-trig, +u = voltage of the used power supply, as for this modification the case has to be openden it should be carried out by a specalized service center)
midi in (so far not used)
midi out (only channel 1, with velocity, 0v cv1 corresponds to midi note number 36)
9v dc (for supply with an external wall outlet adapter, 7...12v are possible)
9 pin sub-d connector with cv1, cv2, cv3, gate, midi out and supply voltage (to establish a connection to the a-100 with one cable only and power the a-100cgk from the a-100 frame, a suitable adapter module is in the planning stage)
available menus/buttons with leds
mode: selects the key for cv1 when more than one key is operated ar the same time
lowest key priority
highest key priority
last key priority

transpose, 2 different transpose modes can be selected in the configuration menu
0/+1 octave or
0...+12 semitones

retrigger: this parameter controls the gate behaviour while legato play (i.e. when a key is operated while another one is already pressed), 0 means that the gate is not reset in this case, 1...20 defines different reset times in milliseconds. this is necessary from our experience as some adsr generators require a longer reset time to be retriggered. for the a-100 envelope generators (e.g. a-140) setting "1" is ok, i.e. shortest reset time is sufficient. for other envelope generators the minimum reset time has to be tried out.

hold: if this key is operated the gate is held even if the key is released up/down: buttons to increase/decrease the value of the currently selected menu. in addition the value of the selected parameter can be increased by operating the corresponding menu button again.

additional basic parameters are adjusted in a special configuration mode and include parameters that are normally fixed, i.e. they are not changed during the play. the configuration mode is selected if the up or down button is held down during power on:
keybed type (2/3/4/5 octaves, necessary for transpose and offset options, has to be set to "4" for the ready built version)
transpose mode (0/+1 octave or 0...+12 semitones)
gate polarity (useful if an inverted gate behaviour is required, e.g. for moog synthesizers or systems)

an external power supply (7-12vdc@min. 250ma) is used. within europa the wall outlet power supply adapter for 230v mains voltage and european type mains plug is included with the a-100cgk. in other countries the power supply has to be purchased by the user in his country. if there is a doepfer representative in your country (see dealer) please ask the representative if the power supply is included in your country.

four 80 cm a-100 patch cables are included to connect the four outputs of the a-100cgk to the a-100 system. if your system uses 1/4" jack sockets special cables (3.5 mm to 1/4" jack plug) have to be ordered separately. these cables can be found in the accessories section of the price list.

as soon as the a-100cgk adapter module is available the keyboard can be powered from the a-100 system. in this case no external power supply adapter is necessary. the adapter module is in the planning stage.

dimensions: ~ 790 length x 200 depth x 65 height, measures in mm
weight: ~ 4.5 kg

the english user's manual is available as pdf file here.

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