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a-100 diy kit #2

price : $99.00

the a-100 diy kit #2 is a combination of components that allows the very inexpensive do-it-yourself construction of a 3he case for the a-100:

very low cost beginners package for usage in combination with two external 12v wall-outlet power supplies
because of safety reasons, no dangerous voltages accessible
max. current: 500ma
one bus board
two 84 hp mounting rails with threads for module mounting (sufficient for one 3 u case)
two 12v wall-outlet power supplies with 500 ma each (stabilized wide range switching power supplies with ac input range 100...240vac, european type mains plugs)
cable and adapter board for connections between power supplies and bus board
building suggestion for wooden case (sketch + list of all required wooden case parts)
additional installation material like screws, nuts or distant bolts (e.g. for bus board, adapter board, rails) is not included as these parts depend upon the type of case built by the customer
the technical documents are available as pdf file.

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