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adaptor board asys-doepfer

price : $20.00

Adaptor Board Asys

this adaptor board lets you install eurorack modules by the manufacturer analogue systems inside a doepfer rack. specifically, it lets you connect the module to a doepfer a-100 bus board. this is normally not possible because analogue systems uses a different power connector and power orientation than doepfer. you may view the schematic here.


the adaptor board will work properly assuming that your analogue systems module is hooked up correctly. analogue systems modules use a different cable orientation than doepfer. for analogue systems modules the red line is located at the top of the connector, lined up with the 0v marking on the module pcb. for doepfer modules the red line is at the bottom of the connector, lined up with -12v on the pcb. please check this carefully as hooking up the adaptor board incorrectly will damage your module.

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