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warning : electronic basic knowledge is required to install the mtc64 boards when you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert. we cannot take back modules that became defective because of wrong installation or wrong connection of the controlling elements or voltages. we also cannot take back modules or cables which have been soldered by the user.


oem / diy products :

a100 cgk oem/diy version



diy controller to midi interface


ctm relay board

relay board for ctm64


dial electronics

universal midi control electronics for rotary encoders


diy analog synthesizer kit


midi bass pedal electronics


midi keyboard electronics

universal midi keyboard electronics



diy midi to controller interface, plus accessories


mtc 64 relay board

relay board for mtc64




pocket electronics

universal midi control electronics



universal midi control electronics with 64 inputs, midi and usb interface


wheel electronic

universal midi control electronics


spare parts

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