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pocket electronics
diy controller board, no power supply

price : $110.00


power supply

price : $15.00

Pocket Electronic (abbreviation: "PE" in the following) is an universal electronics DIY kit to built your own MIDI control box. Up to 16 controlling elements can be connected to PE transmitting 16 different MIDI messages on different (or even the same) MIDI channels.

Essentially it contains the electronics core of Pocket Control resp. Pocket Fader but without the 16 controls (i.e. without rotary potentiometers resp. faders). Concerning the MIDI functions PE is identical to Pocket Control resp. Pocket Fader.

Instead of this PE is used to connect up to 16 controlling elements (e.g. rotary potentiometers, fader/slider potentiometer, touch switches, toggle switches, foot switches, foot controllers). The controlling elements are not included but have to be added by the customer. The MIDI data range is 0...127 with 7 bit resolution.

Even voltages sources can be used instead of the controlling elements provided that the voltages applied are strictly within the range 0...+5V (referenced to PE GND)! Voltages beyond this range will destroy the electronics! The voltage range 0...+5V corresponds to a MIDI data range of 0...127 (7 bit resolution).

The 16 controlling elements resp. control voltages are connected to two double row pinheaders (10 pins each). To these headers two 10 pin ribbon cables are connected. The controlling elements are connected to the free ends of the ribbon cables. In this way the controlling elements can be pulled off from the electronics.

Additionally a 4 pin connector is available to connect a button and LED.

Functional PE is identical to Pocket Control, i.e.

* The following Midi messages can be generated : any controller, after touch, pitch bend, common RPN resp. NRPN controller, but no SysEx messages

* 128 presets for the assignement of MIDI events to the 16 controlling elements

* The free editor program (PC version) enables the user to program his own 128 presets

* Preset selection via DIP switch or incoming MIDI program change messages

* and so on (for details see Pocket Control )

PE is equipped with MIDI In and MIDI Out. The incoming MIDI messages are merged to the data generated by PE. In this way several PE can be linked together to obtain larger controller arrays with more than 16 elements.

Even the combination of PE and CTM64 is possible to add controller events to the note or program change events generated by CTM64.

PE is available only as an assembled and tested pc board. The pc board measures are about 80 mm (length) x 56 mm (width) x 25 mm (height). Five mounting holes with 3 mm diameter are available for mounting the pc board to a suitable base e.g. with distance sleeves or spacers and screws. PE includes two 10 pin ribbon cables (about 30 cm each), button and LED (snapshot function) and the power supply.

An external power supply (7-12VDC@min. 100mA) is used.



Warning : Electronic basic knowledge is required to install the PE electronics and to connect the controlling elements resp. control voltages. When you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert. We cannot take back modules that became defective because of wrong installation or wrong connection of the controlling elements or voltages. We also cannot take back modules or cables which have been soldered by the user.

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