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wtf oscillator: eurorack format

price : $429.00

WTF Oscillator: Eurorack Format

wtf oscillator: mu format

price : $529.00

WTF Oscillator: MU Format

wtf stands for window transform function and this oscillator gives the owner a new and unique way to morph between waveforms. it's designed to fit in your modular synthesiser, either in euro-rack format or mu format.

how does it work?
the concept is that you have two waveforms, one in front of the other. you are then able to open a window, or gap, in the wave at the front to show a portion of the wave behind. this let's you create totally unique waveforms previously unobtainable. here's an example waveform with the output wave in yellow, with a red square wave for the front waveform and a blue sawtooth for the rear;

you can of course modulate the window width with cv, in addition you can change the front and rear waveforms with a cv.

we've also added a 'dual' window mode so you can have two windows, as well as an 'invert' option for the rear waveform giving in more sonic potential. here's a short video with explanation and example of a cv modulating the window width;

We've also included a noise option for the rear waveform, the noise is also tuneable going from those nintendo-esque chip tune style noises up to white noise.

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