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price : $1,199.00


4 voice analog synthesizer
all analog discrete components

4 playing modes :
- unison
- polyphony
- chords (+ user chords)
- multi channel (multitimbral over selected controls)

1 vco + 1 sub oscillator per voice
white noise generator
independent wave shaping modulator
polyphonic glide function
4 independent lfos (1 for each voice) to control vibrato
variable speed depth and delay
vibratos can be set out of phase via the detune (vibrato) control
vco autotune function
24 db/oct 4-pole resonating low pass filter (based on the murmux series)
dedicated adsr envelope generator to the filter
velocity sensitivity over the eg attack rate or the eg level
dedicated adsr envelope generator to the vca
ota drive circuit
reflector: 1024 bbd delay for chorus/flanger or static flangers
hybrid delay circuit as found on the erebus
4-stage analog phase shifter
2 analog lfos with 4 waves each to control the filter, reflector, delay, phaser
4 modulation wheel choices
fine tune control
cv control over filter, phaser, delay and reflector
dry output (without effects)
signal input ( at the effect stage)
midi in / midi through
aluminum case

15v dc center pin 2.5mm positive (included)
35 x 19.5 x 17 cm
2.38 kg

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