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price : $599.00


analog paraphonic synthesizer v2

analog 2-voice paraphony or unison sounds, only with through hole components
2 x vco with seperate glide controls
2 pole (12db/ocv) pre-fed resonating vc low pass filter
vc lfo with additional vc depth
2 x envelope generators (1xadsr and 1xar dedicated to the amp)
vc delay/echo
15 patches for an astonishing modular experience
cv outputs: lfo, envelope (attenuated), modulation wheel (attenuated), gate, osc1 pitch (1v/ocv), osc2 pitch (1v/ocv)
cv inputs: osc1, osc2, echo time, vcf, cv, gate, lfo rate, pw , vca
paraphony cv/gate outputs allows you to turn monophonic devices into paraphonic, or even combine 2 monosynths into a paraphony orgy.

differences between v1 and v2
enclosure's shape is slightly changed to a perfect rectangular
lfo depth patch changed to pw
res patch that had the ability to control either the resonance or the vca is now only dedicated to vca

everything else is exactly the same. nothing has been changed in the schematic, the quality or the overall sound. if you compare v1 with v2 they sound exactly the same

units with serial # below 1000 work only with 12v ac 1a power supply 2,5mm center pin, all the others work with 15vdc 1a power supply.
midi interface: midi in/through din socket, pitch note/gate on-off, retrigger function (on-board), mod wheel (patched on-board), pitch wheel, midi channel select 1-7 or omni (dip switch)
mono audio in (1/4" ts-unbalanced), accepts up to 3vpp inputs
mono audio out (1/4" ts-unbalanced), sends up to 10vpp o
patches: 3.5mm mono
gate in: activation at 0.9v in a low gain up to 5v for max gain
gate out: 0-5v
osc1, osc2, cv in: works at 1v/oct and can accept from ±12v
cv1, cv2 outs: send 1v/oct (converted to analog via midi keyboard)
mod wheel out: converts the midi modulation wheel to analog 0-5v out
envelope out: 0-6.6v depending on the depth setting
lfo out: ±5v
lfo frequency range: 0.009hz (110sec) up to 30hz (0.033sec)
lfo rate cv in: 0-5v
pw in: ±5v
echo cv in:0-5v (works best up to 2.5v)
vca in: 0-5v
suggested room temperature for best oscillator stability: 18-30 celcius
weight: 1.4 kgr
225 x 160 x 75 mm

download the users manual here.

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