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dr. scientist
the elements

price : $225.00

the elements starts with the cleanness, a simple op amp buffer and booster with active tone controls for bass, mids, and treble. a few things were added to this platform such as the option to limit the bass into the gain stage, three midrange frequency options, clipping diode options of leds, asymmetrical silicon/led, or no diodes at all, and then the high gain mode puts a second gain stage into the circuit that the previous options all affect.

the circuit goes like this: buffer > midrange control (i just think it sounds best at the front!) > bass limit toggle > gain stage (same as cleanness) > gain option toggle > second gain stage > bass control > treble control (i just think bass and treble go best at the end!) > buffer

the mix control is at the output and when set dry (knob down all the way) the signal only goes through the input buffer stage and then connects with the output buffer of the wet path.

it's got soft touch relay based true bypass switching, 9-18vdc operation, fancy 4 layer pcb with internal power and ground planes plus bottom layer ground plane, the expression jack on the side is for the clean blend/mix and around 50k is good, the box is a 125b same size as the new trem, and a lifetime warranty.

this first box is a glossy black with matte black alchemy symbols for the planets, silver text, black knobs and toggle covers, and probably a mix of led colours as any colour looks cool with it.

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