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bit mangler

price : $300.00

this unholy marriage of two fuzz circuits does not actually crush your bits. it is an all analog super destroyer machine. the vfm side of the pedal provides classic styled rhythm and octave fuzz, as well as nasty noise enabled by the toggle switches. the bit side of the pedal is a gated almost-octave kind of raygun/microwave fuzz. the bit's chaos and noise switches aren't immediately exciting, but when you run the vfm into the bit watch out!

the joystick controls the intensity or texture of both fuzzes. the closer the joystick moves to it's corresponding volume pot, the higher the intensity of the fuzz.

video demos:
to witness the manglers ripping up a drum machine, check this very sexy vid.

to see and hear the bit mangler devour and excrete guitar check this not so sexy vid.

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