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price : $120.00

defiance is a power starving utility coupled with a clean booster! it blocks voltage from a pedal's power supply before it can reach the pedal, allowing you to coax wild sounds out of seemingly mundane pedals!

the youtube video is most helpful.

booster and leds are powered via 9 volt battery. accepts center positive and center negative power supplies. each unit includes a "power plugger" which allows you to use a patch cord of your choosing for a power cable form defiance to your pedal-to-be-starved-of-voltage.

known to have exciting effects on: boss flanger, the great destroyer, bad monkey, disaster fuzz, wasabi forward/reverse delay, the squarewave parade's teaspoon.

click here to see a list of what pedals can take advantage of the defiance!

for more info including a description of the controls, check out the user manual here and here.

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