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dream mangler

price : $300.00

Dream Mangler

squeeeeeeeeeee! you know you want it.

the df side of this mangler houses the disaster fuzz, a self oscillating super nasty fuzz. with the oscillation off, it has a vaguely "spy-fuzz" kind of feel, but flip the toggle, and you'll hear it start whining and braying as you turn the joystick to tune it. of course, you can penetrate the oscillation with a guitar or other instrument and have the oscillation fill in your blanks.

on the left side of the pedal we have the vintage fuzz machine (or master, it goes by many names.). big beefy rhythm fuzz, all the way up to retching octave badness. chaos and noise modes also! a great all around mangler, this one can cover rhythm, lead, and tuneless as well as tunable noise all in one box.

the joystick controls the intensity or texture of both fuzzes. the closer the joystick moves to it's corresponding volume pot, the higher the intensity of the fuzz. on the dream mangler, the joystick also tunes the oscillation of the df.

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