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eau claire thunder

price : $275.00

Eau Claire Thunder

big fuzz! (raawwwrrr!)

mean distortion! (beaaaoooowww!)

more mids! (never disappear in the mix again!)

less mids! (metalz!)

gooey old fashioned blunted fuzz tones! (stone age rock o'clock)

momentary internal feedback loop! (bwaaammmp)

trim control to prevent farting out with loud-ass pickups! (zaannnng!)

eau claire thunder: it's everything you wish your old mid-scoopin' distortion and sustainer was, and more. at dwarfcraft, we went freakin' nuts on this one, installing the tone stack bypass for more mids, feedback loop for more noise, timewarp for clipping style changes, and a trim knob to tame loud-ass pickups. also theres a big crow on it! watch the demo! listen to the metal song!

ect runs only on ac adaptor plugger device, any standard center negative boss style will work, but we recommend onespot.

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