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mike's salty romance explosion.

price : $175.00

Mike's Salty Romance Explosion

there are a lot of feedback loopers out there. why should you get mike's salty romance explosion?

features! that's why!
1. a toggle switched lfo in the feedback loop! why make a feedback loop go "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" when you could make it go "beep beep beep!"
2. a super heavy duty enclosure made of recycled aluminum from it's better for the planet earth!
3. it has a funny name, and when you buy it, you have en excuse to say it over and over in person and online!
4. of course, you can use it to bypass a loop of pedals, and not make noises. you can use the other stomper to put them in a feedback loop, and make noises.
5. price! it's got a good one, we feel.
6. limited lifetime warranty! that means, if dwarfcraft screwed it up, dwarfcraft fixes it for free. if you screw it up, dwarfcraft fixes it, and you pay, and dwarfcraft wags it's figurative finger at you, but anyway, you get your pedal fixed, so that's cool, right? yeah.

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