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price : $200.00

shiva is a fuzz monster, covering all of our fuzzy favorites here at dwarfcraft.

it does beefy tyrannosaurus fuzz, groovy octave fuzz, unsettling science experiment squelching and belching, and both rhythmic and tonal oscillation.

a foot-switchable power starving circuit is integrated!

this versatile fuzz was snatched up prior to it's official release by our friend justin from bon iver. he was so taken with the unit that he recorded with it the same day.

shiva runs on the standard 9v center negative boss style plug. obligatory mumbly noisy demo can be found here.

note: this demo features the prototype unit, which has a useless "input gain" control which was axed from the production unit. effects of the "input gain" control can be duplicated with combinations of the remaining controls, and your instruments volume control.

as always, low end retention is paramount here at dwarfcraft, so fear not bassists and baritoners! dwarfcraft is here for you!

for more info including a description of the controls, check out the user manual.

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