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the great destroyer

price : $159.00

The Great Destroyer

is it a fuzz pedal? is it an instrument? is it a rogue angel bent on audio revenge? rhythmic oscillation and industrial fuzz in a true bypass package.

our flagship is still out there blasting away at the forces of evil (aka boredom.) if you're looking to get freaky, look no further.

the great destroyer has found itís way into the hands of alan sparhawk, justin meldal-johnsen, alessandro cortini, young the giant, k o y l, and pussy makes three.

features: dc jack: plug in the 9v dc center negative plug here. please use a high quality power supply, or risk this thing being even noisier.

in: plug your ¼" inch instrument cable in here

out: plug your ¼" inch instrument cable out here

go: the big metal switch will turn this effect on

volume: self-explanatory. this pedal is very loud.

starve: this knob creates a voltage sag, like a dying battery simulator. it makes this pedal go nuts.

gain: this is not a standard gain control. it will alter the character of the distortion on the output signal.

tone: shape your toanz here. same deal as the gain control. we named it tone, but it isnít a standard tone control. this pedal was made to be tweaked, not explained in text.

notes: this thing was aptly named, so consider yourself forewarned. if it makes dolphin sounds, it is working as intended, i promise. everything in your chain could affect the way this sounds, from your pick up to the electrical wiring in the building it is plugged into. if you donít believe me, plug this bad boy into an old ass house with old wiring and marvel at the radio noise it will pick up. the most basic fuzz sound it will make will be with the knobs set as such: volume at about 10 oíclock and starve, gain and tone all the way up (which means the starve will be off).

power draw: 25 ma
dimensions: 4.39" x 2.36" x 1.03"

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