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earthquaker devices
black eye clean boost

price : $125.00

Black Eye Clean Boost

earthquaker devices black eye clean boost is a single mosfet based booster. this device is very crisp and clear and has up to 30db of gain. the gain is set by an internal trimmer (so if you own a low-output guitar you may be able to squeeze out even more gain) and the level is controlled with the external control. simple and direct!

in case you are not familiar with clean boosts: this device does not create distortion on it's own. it can be used to drive your amp (or other pedals) into singing overdrive or boost your clean sound unaltered.

gain (internal pre-set trimmer)
level (boost)

true bypass with led indicator
standard boss-style 9v adapter or battery operation (battery included)
high quality parts throughout
handmade with care in akron, ohio

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