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price : $145.00

the chrysalis is an all discrete, transistor based overdrive aimed at capturing the recorded sound of 70ís era rock. thatís right, not the sound of a vintage amp but the sound of a vintage amp as heard on a record. an "amp-on-a-record-in-a-box" if you will. itís voiced with an emphasis on the midrange which makes it cut in a live band scenario yet it still has a lot of texture in the low end. never flabby, full of organic life and presence which helps push the guitar forward with loads of clarity and harmonics. itís not an over the top high gainer, itís more natural in itís break up and it just sounds vintage. the chrysalis really shines when the gain is dimed and the amp is cranked. an 18 volt power supply is ideal to achieve the most dynamics with a punchier sound, greater headroom and more response to your picking.

handmade with sweet loving care in akron ohio.

drive: controls the texture and color of the gain while still retaining a crunch through the whole range. all the way clockwise is a good starting point.

tone: treble roll off to tame the edges. all the way clockwise is fully open, allowing all the high end through. all the way counter-clockwise makes it nice and warm without being dull. noon is a good starting point.

level: controls the output of the effect, unity is around 10 oíclock

power: any regulated 9-18 volt dc power supply with a negative 2.1mm center barrel. higher voltages will yield more headroom with a more focused tone and a wider gain range.

measures:4.37" x 2.37" x 1.07"

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