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dirt transmitter

price : $145.00

the dirt transmitter is 2 transistor crumbling fuzz tone. the tone control takes it from a bass heavy rumble to a biting top end. the fuzz control range can produce tones from thick break up to all out shredding. works great with both single coils and humbuckers, clean up with the guitar volume is excellent . excessive amounts of volume and virtually no extraneous noise. not for everyone, those looking for a subtle smooth fuzz should look elsewhere!

sounds: all clips recorded with this set up: strat in bridge position>cabinet simulator>computer. no extra eq, compression or noise reduction.
High Gain: Level: 11 O'Clock Tone: Noon Fuzz: Max
Low Gain: Level: 11 O'Clock Tone: Noon Fuzz: 9 O'Clock
Buzzy: Level: 11 O'clock Tone: Max Fuzz: Max

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