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disaster transport jr.

price : $165.00

the disaster transport jr. is an analog voiced digital delay with 625ms delay time, all analog dry signal path and true bypass. it was designed as an anti-modern delay for those who appreciate a nice tape echo with all itís peculiarities. itís unique tone control doubles as a noise filter on longer delay settings and really helps the delay shine with a dirty signal. the mix control allows you to boost the effected signal to nearly 4x the original signal level and the repeats control goes from one signal repeat to near infinite repeats all the way through to self oscillation.

mix: sets the output level of the effected signal. this should be treated as a gain control/master volume for the delay line. unity is around noon and everything above noon will boost the delayed signal louder than the original. this is a gain control so, like any pedal with a lot of gain, a hint of noise and distortion at max setting is completely normal.

tone: most delay pedals are heavily filtered at the output to remove the clock noise and other unwanted hash that is common from extending the range of the delay time beyond the limit of the circuitry. this usually leaves the delay sounding dark, muddy and disappear when hitting it with dirt. the disaster transport has done away with a lot of the heavy filtering and replaced it with a tone control which allows the user to choose their desired sound and results in more natural tape-like repeats. the tone control is at itís darkest fully counter clockwise and brightens as you turn it clockwise. a good rule of thumb is to leave the tone control between off (fully counter clockwise) and noon at longer delay times. this will remove all the common noise from hyper-extending the circuit.

time: from about 30ms fully counter clockwise to about 625ms fully clockwise.

repeats: sets the regeneration of the delay line. from one single repeat fully counter clockwise, subtle repeats around 9 oíclock, strong naturally decaying repeats at noon, near infinite repeats around 2 o'clock and full on self oscillation fully clock-wise.

measures: 4.37" x 2.37" x 1.07"

power: any standard regulated 9-volt dc power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel. do not run at higher voltages! does not use batteries. current draw is around 100ma.

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