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earthquaker devices
hoof fuzz

price : $165.00

earthquaker devices hoof fuzz can produce sounds all the way from overdrive to a huge wall of doom! it is a germanium/ silicon hybrid big muff style fuzz (it's based on the old green sovtek big muff) with massive amounts of volume and sustain on tap. the sustain is tighter which makes palm muting a breeze and open chords ring out clear. the altered tone control (as well as a few other keys changes) eliminate the problem of being lost in the mix and sends your guitar raging on it's way!


sounds: all sound samples done with a fender stratocaster
hoof with fuzz at max, tone at 12 o'clock
hoof with fuzz at 12 o'clock, tone at 3 o'clock
hoof with bass
hoof with humbuckers
hoof riffs

true bypass with led indicator
standard boss-style 9v adapter or battery operation (battery included)
high quality parts throughout
handmade with care in akron, ohio

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