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earthquaker devices

price : $145.00

the hummingbird is, at heart, a hard and choppy tremolo. what comes out is more akin to vintage synth style oscillations. it's core is based on the old vox repeat percussion with several updates to reduce noise, enhance the "chop" and add more control. it can create ring mod-like octaves, slow pulses, ping pong delay-like stutters, light blipping through machine gun stutter tremolo and many more wacky sounds!

4.37" x 2.37" x 1.07"

9v battery or any standard 9 volt dc power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel.

depth- controls amount of modulation from barely there to full signal chop.
rate- controls the speed of the lfo
level- controls the input/output level
mode- fast/slow switch for lfo rate

flutter mode w/ hoof (starts w/ rate max, ends at lowest setting)
flutter mode (starts w/ rate low ends at max)
flap mode (starts w/ rate low ends at max)
malekko b:assmaster->hummingbird->smm w/hazarai (by dano/beavis audio)

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