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earthquaker devices

price : $155.00

the monarch overdrive is an all discrete, fet based dirt machine. itís designed around the input stage of a vintage amp produced by a company that bears the same name as the color of the monarch (hint...). itís been configured to produce higher gains that sound very natural and free of compression. the treble and bass controls function as frequency boosters, not the traditional roll off filters in most odís. they are located in the preamp section and have a large impact on the over all tone, nature and distortion characteristics of the pedal as well as your amp. it gives big bottom end with a snappy, bright top at all gain ranges with some careful tuning of the tone controls. and, yes, it's true bypass.

handmade with sweet loving care in akron ohio.

4.37" x 2.37" x 1.07"

any regulated 9-18 volt dc power supply with a negative 2.1mm center barrel. higher voltages will yield more headroom with a fatter and more focused tone and a wider gain range.

treble: boosts the highs
bass: boosts the lows
gain: controls the overdrive
level: output

strat into tophat 2x12 set clean

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