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ed120: chaotica

price : $260.00

ED120 (Chaotica)

the ed120 is a multi-featured, autonomous, third-order chaos circuit with the following features:

a third order system with a total of four nonlinear elements in the circuit path to provide a wide range of chaotic signals.

exponential voltage control of rate (frequency) over a wide range, from creeping sub-audio rates to well up into the khz audio range.

linear voltage control of loop damping, gain and offset. many interesting sweep and modulation effects are enabled by these control inputs.

a reset/inhibit input which allows the system to be set to zero voltage at all three integration stages. this has many interesting uses. for example, the chaos path's evolution can be followed by varying the rate of a series of reset pulses. by limiting the range of an attractor's evolution, one can produce interesting and complex periodic waveforms.

voltage outputs for all three system variables, x, y and z.

module width: 20hp
power consumption: +12v @ 4ma, -12v @ 3ma
module depth: 9.4cm

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