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electro-acoustic research
model 41: steiner 4p filter

price : $225.00

Model 41

in june of 1992, nyle steiner designed an updated version of the filter found in his synthasystem, a revision that was never fully completed, and intended for his evi. in the fall of 2008 the model 41 began as a joint effort with nyle steiner based on this design and slated as a limited edition module to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of plan b. as with other modules planned for that year, the m41 was never released.

in jan of 2014 the collaboration resumed with a few design additions suggested to him: ifm sync (the 'twin' function found in the m11), a hyper q regeneration function, a ± bipolar vc input, vc resonance and level independent lowpass, bandpass and highpass operation, along with all benchmarks true to the original evi filter design including a variable intensity control (spectral energy distribution), a four pole 18-stage diode ladder for 24db/ oct response, output oscillation bandwidth of .5hz to 16khz suitable for lfo or vco applications, user-scalable 1volt/oct tracking, and full incorporation of integrated verses discrete transistor amplification architecture.

renamed the steiner 4p, the net result of this old and new technology pairing has produced a split personality which duplicates all the grit of the original design taken to levels of distortion and deformity never before possible in a steiner core.

download the manual here

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