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analog drive

price : $222.00

Analog Drive

multi-circuit analog distortion unit

total analog distortion box
the sheer sonic range of the analog drive, courtesy of the eight different analog distortion circuits, is in itself a marvel. one stompbox harboring so many tone shaping opportunities: unheard of until now. analog drive is a bottomless well of new sounds.

the eq touch
enhance your amp with the 3 band analog eq. the mid band is sweepable, which is very handy for dialing in the perfect eq setting. the mid eq can also be controlled with an expression pedal, making it easy to create analog wah-like sounds.

for the live rig
the possibility to store user presets will make the live gig flow smoothly. and if you rely on midi during your performances, the analog drive delivers. all settings are fully controllable via midi and it can even send midi program change messages.

the eight circuits:
clean boost a boost ranging from 0 to 20 db, run at a high internal voltage, thus giving plenty of headroom.

mid drive can be compared to the sound a well-known green stompbox. if more bass is needed, just increase the low eq setting.

dirty drive really dirty and swampy. a gate-ish feel can be obtained at low gain settings. higher gain settings result in an old school fuzzy sound.

big dist adds quite a lot of distortion, but with an intact bass response. a reference would be a marshall stack pushed to the max with a lot of power amp distortion.

focused dist strong focus on the upper mids. an extended version of the mythological horse/man pedal, but with more flexibility.

harmonic fuzz octave fuzz with a smooth feel. based on a fuzz that is out of production. (which one is a well-kept secret.)

high gain clear sound with a lot of gain. nice string separation, great sustain.

thick gain adds loads of gain, more than a lot of preamps. really crispy when palm muting the lower strings and using the eq to add some top end.

sound processing
100% analog signal path
8 analog distortion circuits
3 band analog eq with sweepable mid band

audio input
high impedance instrument input

expression pedal inputs
input level on tip: -5 v +5 v
supplies +5 v on ring
accepts expression pedals and control voltage

electrical specifications
unit power consumption: 5 w, 400 ma typical
compatible elektron power supply: psu-3b

dual digit seven-segment led display
midi in/out
1/4" audio input
1/4" audio output
2 x 1/4" expression pedal input
power inlet: center positive 5.5 x 2.5 mm barrel jack, 12 v dc, 1 a

physical specifications
sturdy cast aluminum casing
dimensions: w 171 x d 177 x h 62 mm (6.8" x 7.0" x 2.5") (including jacks, knobs and footswitches)
weight: approximately 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs)

3 year elektron warranty
power supply included in box

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