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analog rytm

price : $1,449.00

Analog Rytm

the analog rytm is a one stop solution beat machine. distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. perfected by the immediacy of drum pads coupled with elektron sequencing.

a more powerful drum machine
the analog rytm pushes the limit of what is possible to achieve with a single machine. the eight analog drum voices take advantage of several dedicated analog circuit designs, each of them fine-tuned for generating a distinct class of analog drum sounds. for ultimate percussive flexibility, every voice can also be spiced up with customizable samples. the perfect unity of analog drum sounds and samples simply goes beyond.

beats with character
plenty of tools are available for shaping the vibe of the beats. affect every voice with its own analog multimode filter and analog overdrive circuit. to add shimmer and polish to the rhythms, the reverb and delay send fx will prove invaluable. and before the beats hit the sound system, the analog compressor and analog distortion of the master channel will ensure proper pump and grit. the sound of the analog rytm has no match.

maximized playability
the twelve back-lit, velocity and pressure sensitive drum pads offer beat smiths a quick and spontaneous way of creating rhythms. at the same time, the critically acclaimed elektron step sequencer offers features like manipulating sounds on a per sequencer step basis. the combination of drum pads and step sequencing gives both instant results and the opportunity of detailed editing. the ultimate beat is just around the corner.

true analog punch
create analog beats feeling confident that the underlying technology is being used to its fullest potential. the depth of the kick drums, the bite of the snare drums, and the airy shimmer of the hihats are made possible by analog circuits meticulously developed with the ambition of providing nothing but stellar results. the analog rytm sounds, simply put, brilliantly deep.

the power of machines
a machine is a set of carefully selected software sound parameters accessing various parts of the analog circuitry. the purpose of each machine is to enable the creation of a specific type of analog drum sound, and as several machines exist, a wide variety of sounds are just waiting to be discovered. have you ever felt the power of an incredible sounding analog fm kick?

a raised voice
to call the eight drum voices feature heavy would be an understatement. each voice contains analog sound generation, a sample playback engine, an analog overdrive unit, an analog multimode filter, an amplitude envelope, effect sends, and an lfo. when combining all the individual blocks that form a voice, and then combining all the voices, impressive things are bound to happen.

creativity through samples
the sample playback capability adds to the hybrid nature of the analog rytm. fill the sample storage to the brim with user samples and use the ingenious sample engine to tweak them beyond recognition. then layer the outcome with the analog drum sounds for total percussive bliss. samples have never been used as cleverly as this.

digital mastery
the lightning fast digital control system enables features that previously have been impossible in the realm of analog drum synthesis. change drum sounds, parameter settings, and even machines per sequencer step and with no audible lag. the instant digital control over analog circuits takes the notion of drum machines one step further.

fx playground
the lush and dense reverb and delay send effects of the analog rytm are of the utmost quality. they endow beats with a full and luxurious character. then there are the master effects. the stereo analog distortion unit and stereo compressor squeezes, grinds, and destroys audio either subtly or totally. the send and master effects are the ideal tools for wrapping up a beat.

pad to the bone
grooves with a human feel are but a few strikes away. the twelve velocity, pressure sensitive, back-lit, and wonderfully responsive pads are the direct link between the concept and the execution of a really good beat. their ability to display different colors gives visual indication of which modes are active and the functionality being used. the pads bring results and clarity.

the elektron sequencer
the elektron step sequencer gives full control over all aspects of the beat making process. use sequencer features like parameter locks, micro timing, retrigs, accent, swing, slide, and variable step length per track to create hard-hitting or smooth-sounding beats with ease. be it on stage or in the studio, the elektron sequencer is a highly creative tool.

select a mode
the ways to affect beats and drum sounds are many. scene mode makes it possible to instantly alter parameters by simply hitting a pad. chromatic mode opens up for chromatically playing and recording individual sounds to the sequencer. performance mode allows each pad to gradually control multiple parameters. the modes make for a proper live machine.

hook up
individual outputs for each voice plus a main output pair are godsends when mixing. the external input allows incoming sounds to be processed by the master compressor. a usb port and midi ports capable of sending din sync means the analog rytm can communicate with everything from legacy instruments to computers. there is always a connection to be made.

room for more
there is no risk of running out of storage. the +drive of the analog rytm allows thousands of patterns, kits, and taggable drum sounds to be saved internally. for sample aficionados, 1 gb of +drive sample storage will provide the necessary space for an abundance of user drum samples. this is one vast machine.

the sequencer
12 drum tracks
1 fx track
up to 64 steps per pattern
individual track lengths
trig mute, accent, swing, slide functions
micro timing
parameter locks
chromatic mode
scene mode
performance mode
sound-per-step change
assignable retrig
instant pattern, kit and sound reload
full real-time control

128 projects (+drive)
128 kits per project
128 patterns per project
16 songs per project
4096 sounds (+drive sound library)
128 sounds per project
127 samples per project
1 gb +drive sample storage
127 factory samples

send effects

master effects
analog stereo distortion
analog stereo compressor

drum voice features (×8)
fully analog signal path
1× specialized analog percussion sound generator
1× sample playback engine
1× analog overdrive circuit
1× 2-pole analog multi-mode filter
1× panning vca pair
1× filter envelope
1× amp envelope
2× individual effect sends
1× assignable lfo
1× dedicated lfo fade envelope

12 velocity, pressure sensitive, and backlit pads
122×32 pixel backlit lcd
midi in/out/thru with din sync out
2 × ¼" impedance balanced main out jacks
4 × ¼" dual mono separate voice out jacks
1 × ¼" audio in stereo jack
1 × ¼" stereo headphone jack
48 khz, 24-bit d/a and a/d converters
flash-eeprom upgradable os
usb 2.0 port

balanced audio outputs
headphones out level: +15 dbu (55 o)
main outputs level: +15 dbu
output impedance: 440 o unbalanced

unbalanced audio inputs
input level: +15 dbu maximum
audio input impedance: 9 k o

individual voice mono outputs
output level: +15 dbu
output impedance: 440 o unbalanced

electrical specifications
unit power consumption: 14 w typical, 20 w maximum.
recommended power supply: 12 v dc, >2 a

physical specifications
sturdy steel chassis
dimensions: w340×d176×h63mm (13.4×6.9×2.4) (including power switch, knobs and rubber feet)
weight: approximately 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)

download the user manual here.

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