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machinedrum sps-1 mkii

price : $599.00

the machinedrum sps-1 mkii combines extremely flexible drum synthesis with a powerful percussion sequencer. it is equipped with four md-synths, each with its own special sonic flavor. you will have no problem conjuring forth sub-sonic kicks, snappy snares or wild fx. to add further control over the sounds, 16 lfo's are available. the possibilities to sculpt new percussive sounds are near limitless. be warned though, the machinedrum can be seriously addicting and no rehab is currently available.

sequencing is the middle name of the machinedrum. use the sps-1 mkii to control both your internal sounds as well as your external midi equipment in great detail. it runs the show, both literally and figuratively speaking.

the mkii version adds a lot to the already feature-packed sps-1. slimmer design, world wide switching power supply, even better signal to noise ratio and last but certainly not least the pattern sequencer now has 64 steps!

drum synthesis has never been this powerful!

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