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machinedrum sps-1uw mkii (with +drive)

price : $999.00

SPS-1UW MKII (With +Drive)

the machinedrum sps-1uw mkii is equipped with 2,5 mb ultra fast sample memory. thanks to the internal flash backup, your samples will be retained in memory even after the unit is switched off. the dynamic 12-bit sample engine will add punch, grit and character to your samples. the sonic experience is incredibly powerful. hearing those dirty uw bass drums is like being kicked in the head by a horse!

the userwave is also the perfect companion for the new style dj. use the ram machines to capture loops from a turntable and remix them on the fly. the ram machines can also resample the internal sound of the machinedrum, entering yet unknown and potential hazardous audio territory. of course you get all the features found in the sps-1 mkii, making the uw just as home in the studio as on stage.

the sps-1uw mkii builds on the legacy of the original sps-1uw but is improved in a lot of areas. slimmer design, world wide switching power supply, even better signal to noise ratio plus one of the most asked for features of them all the pattern sequencer now has 64 steps!

rediscover the fun of samples!

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