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monomachine sfx-60 mkii (with +drive)

price : $799.00

monomachine sfx-60 mkii - the one and only beatbox synthesizer. five different types of specialized synthesis methods ensure a deep and versatile sound creating machine. try out the sid-chip emulation, feel the strength of the superwave basslines or create beat box style drum patterns. this machine can even talk! it is almost scary. the six available tracks can be loaded with any of the featured synthesis methods. the three lfo's, an adjustable filter, a delay and an advanced arpeggiator per track will guarantee wild synthesis action!

the sounds and melodies hidden inside of you will not be hindered by any clumsy interfaces or confusing menus. every necessary parameter is close at hand. the monomachine sfx-60 mkii is a direct link to the right side of your brain. man and machine in perfect harmony!

the sfx-60 mkii is quite an update compared to the previous monomachine model. slimmer design, world wide switching power supply, even better signal to noise ratio and maybe the king among features – the possibility to load your own waveforms*. that’s right. for the first time ever you can use your own customised wavetables in the monomachine environment. get ready for total control!

man machine magic!

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