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the octatrack is designed to revolutionize the concept of sampling. never before has so much potential been offered by just one machine.

the octatrack is an 8 track performance sampler. recording of sounds is a breeze thanks to the intuitive user interface, but the fun really starts once the samples are inside the machine. all audio content can be heavily processed and radically transformed. loops do not have to be restricted by tempo or tone and can always stay in sync no matter if they are pitch shifted or if the tempo of the sequencer is changed. the inflexible nature of samples is finally a thing of the past.

the compact flash card compability allows for huge amounts of samples to be constantly accessible. the usb port is ideal when transfering sample libraries between your computer and the octatrack. the optical fader can be assigned to any of the parameters, adding a wealth of live control possibilities.

the producer will be able to treat samples in radical ways. the extensive audio mangling capabilities paired with the user friendly interface make the octatrack an outstanding studio tool.

the dj can sample in real-time, add effects and blend in pre-recorded loops to really add a twist to a set. the octatrack can be regarded as an extremely flexible turntable.

the performer needing gigabyte large backing tracks during a live gig will appreciate the sample streaming functionality of the octatrack. streamed samples can still be subject to time stretch and effects processing.

12/24db multi mode filter
2-band parametric eq
dj-style kill eq
2-10 stage phaser
2-5 tap chorus
delay with repeat functionality
gatebox plate reverb
more effects in future os upgrades

track effects:
the octatrack effects section is highly customizable. one fx block is available for each track and each block can host two freely assignable effects for a total of 16 simultaneous effects. the track effects that will be implemented at launch are listed below. more will follow.

master effects:
track 8 can if needed be converted to a master effects section. all other tracks, including sounds from the external inputs, will then be processed by the chosen master effects. the master effects are derived from the track effects.

effect chains:
the effects can affect both internal sounds and sounds coming from any of the four inputs. for ultimate fx power up to four tracks can be chained, letting up to 8 serially connected track effects process audio. two of these super effect chains can be in use at the same time. add some effect parameter locking to the mix to make the octatrack double as an extremely versatile and seriously fun effects unit.

track lfos and the lfo designer:
the octatrack lfos are indispensable audio processors. the new lfo designers take things even further.

track lfos:
the octatrack has plenty of lfo power under the hood. all internal tracks have three dedicated tempo-synced lfos at their disposal, meaning 24 lfos in total are available. the lfos can be assigned to a wide range of parameters and are useful for adding movement and evolving changes to samples. the lfos can be set to eleven basic waveforms plus eight lfo designer waveforms.

the lfo designer:
the lfo designer allows for customized lfo waveforms. an lfo designer waveform consists of 16 steps where each step can have a manually set value. the steps can be either interpolated or stepped. lfo designer waveforms are very versatile and can almost be regarded as mini-sequencers. they can for example be used to make rhythmic track parameter changes or, when modulating the start point of sampled drum loops, function as instant remix tools. each track contains an lfo designer and all designed waveforms are available for all lfos.

audio editor and slice points:
the octatrack audio editor has a few tricks up its sleeve apart from simply editing audio.

the audio editor:
the audio editor is where editing of imported or recorded samples takes place. the sample waveform is displayed graphically in the audio editor and for precise interaction waveform zoom and zero crossing search commands are available. a number of tasks are carried out in the audio editor. trimming, loop point settings, normalization and, maybe most important of all, slice point handling.

slice points:
slice points are markers that offer a flexible way of dividing a sample in different regions. set the slice points either automatically by transient detection or manually by using the data entry knobs. once the sample is sliced parameter locks can make different steps of the sequencer play back different sample regions. in the audio editor it is even possible to customize or randomize the playback of slice points. keep shuffling the slice points around until the perfect loop is obtained. slice points make it easy to break down samples and restructure them from the ground up.

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