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octatrack mkii

price : $1,349.00

Octatrack MKII

more than a sampler
discovering the perfect sample is the start of the process. then twist it, mess around with it and rebuild it into something uniquely yours. the octatrack mkii sets new standards for sampling as an art form.

what does the mkii version bring?
octatrack mkii is improved, enhanced and modified. a better version of itself, built to mangle samples in demanding environments. ensured by: high quality buttons and hi-res encoders, a crisp oled screen with fantastic viewing angles, a professional contactless crossfader and an increased count of dedicated buttons. octatrack mkii features several upgrades compared to the mki version:
crisp oled screen providing optimal feedback in dimly lit environments
ultra durable back-lit buttons. rated for 50 million presses
contactless silky smooth performance crossfader
precise, hi-res encoders
increased amount of dedicated buttons enabling quicker workflow
balanced audio inputs with plenty of headroom

game-changing hardware
the octatrack mkii brings enormous sample processing ability into a machine designed for live performance. it redefines how you transform your sounds, as well as how you interact and play with them. it lets you do things that were previously impossible with a single instrument.

natural born performer
record samples in real time. add live time-stretching and pitch-shifting. use the sequencer to control both internal sounds and external midi gear. the octatrack mkii can also be treated as a small mixing desk for your whole setup. the immediate control makes all the difference.

audio mutation
the crossfader adds immense depth to your sound. first, choose how you want it to affect your samples. then nudge the crossfader gently for the most subtle and natural-sounding changes – or knock it back and forth like you’re scratching for rapid and extreme enhancements.

audio track features (x8)
1 × specialized machine
1 × track recorder
1 × amplitude envelope
3 × lfos
2 × user selectable track effects

midi track features (x8)
1 × arpeggiator
3 × lfos
10 × configurable ccs

8 × audio tracks
8 × midi tracks
up to 64 steps per pattern
individual track lengths
individual track time signatures
chromatic, slice, slot, and delay freeze modes
parameter locks
trig conditions
sample-per-step change
micro timing
retrig functionality
swing and slide
full real-time control

compactflash card storage
amount of projects dependent on cf card size
80 mb flex ram per project
static sample streaming from cf card
256 patterns per project
256 sample slots per project
8 arrangements per project

track effects
12/24db multi mode filter
2-band parametric eq
dj-style kill eq
2-10 stage phaser
2-5 tap chorus
comb filter
lo-fi (srr, br, dist and am)
echo freeze delay
gatebox plate reverb
spring reverb
dark reverb

128 × 64 pixel oled screen
midi in/out/thru
2 × ¼" impedance balanced main audio out jacks
2 × ¼" impedance balanced cue audio out jacks
4 × ¼" balanced/unbalanced external input jacks
1 × ¼" stereo headphone jack
44.1 khz, 24-bit d/a and a/d converters
hi-speed usb 2.0 port
power inlet: center positive 5.5 × 2.5 mm barrel jack, 12 v dc, 2 a

balanced audio outputs
main outputs level: +17 dbu peak
output impedance: 440 Ω unbalanced
digital s/n ratio: 104 db (20–20,000 hz)

headphones outputs
headphones out level: +17 dbu peak
output impedance: 55 Ω

balanced audio inputs
input level: +17 dbu peak
audio input impedance: 21 kΩ
digital s/n ratio: 106 db (20–20,000 hz)

electrical specifications
unit power consumption: 7 w typical
compatible elektron power supply: psu-3b

physical specifications
sturdy steel casing
dimensions: w 340 × d 184 × h 63 mm
(13.3" × 7.2" × 2.5") (including knobs, jacks, and rubber feet)
weight: approximately 2.3 kg (5 lbs)
maximum recommended ambient operating temperature: +40℃ (+104℉)

2 gb of loopmasters samples on the cf card
3 year elektron warranty

included in the box
16 gb high speed compactflash card
power supply psu-3b
elektron usb cable
quick guide

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