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empress effects
vintage modified superdelay

price : $449.00

the vintage modified superdelay is based on our superdelay with some modifications to the tape modes. the vintage setting now has some added modulation and the old mode has had some high end rolled off a bit with the same modulation and some grit added to reproduce the sound of worn heads and dirty tape on your tape delay. the vintage modified superdelay still has all the rest of the features and delays as the original with a new paint job and a little added appeal to the tape and vintage delay fans.

empress vintage modified superdelay features:
increased modulation in tape modes-vintage and old
old setting has highs rolled off 15% and added grit

features & specifications:
the empress superdelay isn't your basic delay. sure it does basic delay sounds, and it sounds better than anything else out there while doing them. but if all you want is a simple delay, the empress superdelay isn't for you. the empress superdelay is for musicians who want to be inspired by their pedals, not limited by them.

killer sound quality - the signal to noise ratio is around 105db.
2.8 seconds of delay time - for your extra long delays.
8 modes - normal, tap, autoset (delay time is set by tempo played), reverse, rhythm mode (multitap), tape mode, misc (dynamic, gate), and 12 second looper.
expression pedal input - allows you to control either mix or feedback with your foot.
high pass/low pass filter - high pass is good for electronic music, low pass is sweet for darker analog delay type sounds.
fast/slow modulation - slow adds extra texture, fast is a little crazy.
8 presets - settings can be saved to 8 presets. with three stompswitches, accessing the presets is easy.
tap tempo with ratios - many of the modes use tap tempo, and the ratio selection makes fast in-time delay times easy.
true bypass - the empress superdelay employs true bypass, so you can be sure that it's not affecting the signal when disengaged.
small size - the enclosure measures approximately 5.7" by 3.75" by 1.75", which is delightfully small when considering all the features packed into this unit
. two year warranty - the empress superdelay comes with a two-year warranty. read our warranty for details. you can extend the warranty to 4 years by simply registering online.
the empress superdelay does not run off of batteries. it comes with a power supply. the empress superdelay requires 300ma, positive tip, 9 to 12 vdc. you can power the empress superdelay from outputs 5 or 6 of the voodoo lab pedal power 2+. you'll need to use the red barrel connector. you must set the corresponding dip switch away from the normal position. also, since the superdelay requires nearly 300ma, you should only use the other output for a much lower current pedal.

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