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shuttle control

price : $495.00

Shuttle Control

shuttle control is a 16-channel midi/cv interface which can recieve usb-midi at a number of inputs simultaneously. for instance control signals from a tablet/pc/mac at the "to device socket" or usb-midi-keyboard or controllers via the "to host" sockets. as the sockets provide for a +5v voltage you can use them for example for a led lamp. an editor allows you to create and save up to 16 different mappings which can be recalled directly at the module. those mappings can be for example 8-voice polyphonic setups with different cv scales (1v/oct, 1.2v/oct ot hz/v). this makes it possible to use vcos with different cv scales simultaneously to integrate them in a polyphonic setup. besides this you can assign lfos, triggers, controlchanges and random to the outputs. additionally the modules can be used as a power solution for a small modular system and has an input for an external laptop brick power supply (12-20v). also it can pass the eurorack operational voltages via a long ribbon cable with a number of euro connectors, both male and female sockets. the note cv and gate signals generated by the midi/cv interface can be sent to other modules internally via doepfer's internal bus.' own terminal and furthrrr can read their signals so you can create an entire system easily.

technical details
width: 12hp

16 x cv out
1 micro usb (to device)
2 usb type b (to host)
1 inlet for external 12-20v dc-psu (center positive); psu not included

download the manual here.

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