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price : $755.00

the magma will make you go back into the 80's sounds with sonorities. the sound engine is inspired from the sh series by roland, which had a waveform mix and a sequencer. though, the idea of the magma was not to make a copy of a vintage synth, but to build a new synth with the best of today's analogue and digital technology. we wanted to build a synth with a very specific texture of sound, sounds like earth magma, something warm, thick and fat. we've added modern controls and a memory with 256 presets.

technical specifications:
oscillator section
analogue vco with square saw sub (sub can be 1 or 2 octaves below the master freq), noise.
vco can be modulated by lfo and pw
variable glide
mixer to mix the 4 waveforms

filter section
full analogue vco, filter, vca.
external audio with a trimmer to feed the filter
24db low pass filter roland style for a classical 80s sound
filter can be modulated by env2, kb, lfo.

vca section
vca is affected to env1
2 envelopes adsr modulate respectively the amplitude and the filter.
attack goes from 2ms to 10s.

lfos section
2 x lfo with 8 waveforms (triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square, random, digital noise, staircase up, staircase down)

audio in
audio out
midi in
usb (for software update and midi in&out)

16 steps sequencer with led
4 rows: 1 row controls gates and notes.
3 other rows are freely assignable to any parameter of the front panel.
swing and shuffle per note
you can transpose the sequencer with an external midi keyboard.

download the manual here.

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