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erica synths
black dual eg/lfo

price : $229.00

Black Dual EG/LFO

erica synths black dual eg/lfo has two full adsr egs and two unique lfos with plenty of features just in 10hp!

we managed to put two full adsr envelope generators that you can adjust one by one or two simultaneous ad/asr envelope generators and a unique, never seen before functionality lfo in just 10hp! this saves a lot of rack space that you can use for other black series modules!

2xadsr envelope or 2xasr envelope
draw your own lfo shape!
gate and trigger inputs
direct and inverter outputs
long/short eg switch
full adsr looping
lfo key follow function
each step activity indication leds
diode protection on reversed power supply

eg output signal level: 0 - +10v
lfo output signal level: -5v - +5v
lfo rate: 0,2hz - 30hz
sustain level: 0 - +10v
max attack time: 0,125''(s), 2''(l)
max decay time: 0,125''(s), 1''(l)
max release time: 0,350''(s), 5''(l)
power consumption: +25ma, -15ma
module width: 10hp
module depth: 25mm

download the user manual here.

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