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erica synths
pico drums

price : $145.00

PICO Drums

pico drums programmer

price : $24.99

PICO Drums Programmer

erica pico drum1 module gives you two independent great sounding drums with versatile controll over several parameters and extensive collection of drum samples.

chain up several pico drums and get one of the smallest modular drum setup in the modular world!

2 independent drums
64 samples for each drum
usb interface for user samples upload
independent control over pitch, decay and level for each drum
seperate triggers for each drum
audio output of mixed drum sounds
exclusive switch to select how the two drums interact with each other when triggered at the same time
12bit resolution, 44khz sampling frequency

technical specification:
resolution: 12 bit
sample rate: 44 khz
power consumption: +35ma, -15ma
module width: 3hp
module depth: 35mm

pico drums programmer information:
if you wish to upload your own drum samples to pico drum module, you'll need pico drum programmer. reffer to pico drum user manual for sample upload instructions! mini usb cable is not included!

download the manual here.

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