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pico trigger

price : $125.00

PICO Trigger

erica pico trigger module provides master clock for the pico system, as well as it generates up to 16 step patterns of 4 triggers - simple clock divider patterns, and more advanced polyrhythmic patterns of different step length for triggering drums.

patterns are user designed in custom web interface, and can be uploaded to the module via clk in 3,5mm jack.

selectable internal clock or external clock
clock output
polyrhytmic patterns
adjustable shuffle
4 trigger outputs
8 pattern memory
web-based pattern design interface
pattern upload via clk input

technical specification:
clock rate: 20bpm - 420bpm
trigger amplitude: 5v
trigger duration: 10ms
power consumption: +20ma, -5ma
module width: 3hp
module depth: 35mm

download the manual here.

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