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multiclock (with usb)

price : $575.00

Multiclock (with USB)

professional sync
the multiclock solves your sync issues in the studio and on stage once and for all. synchronisation of the multiclock to a daw relies on a sample accurate audio clock stream, which in consequence guarantees absolutely tight clock signals with ±1 sample of jitter. moreover, you can use it as a standalone generator or hook it up to follow other midi, din or analog master clocks.

shift & shuffle
to compensate for any time lag of connected gear, you can shift each output channel individually and in realtime back and forth relative to the master clock. the shift range is completely configurable and has a maximum of ±400ms, the resolution is 20µs. if you have set your machines up to be on the spot, start playing with shuffle. again, individually for each channel and in realtime.

midi, din, modular & lfo
each channel can be set to either emit midi clock, din sync (sync24) or analog clock. analog clock signals are configurable in polarity, start/reset behaviour and feature a flexible clock divider. an analog lfo is available with various waveforms and a range of 0-5v. if you got them configured, channel settings can always be named and saved as a preset for later recall. just in case you have a lot of gear.

usb add-on
if you want, you can have your multiclock with an extra class-compliant usb midi add-on. this enables you to send any midi commands from a daw to your connected slaves while syncing to audio clock. there is one virtual midi output for each channel and all commands are priority-merged with the accurate clock.

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