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erogenous tones

price : $179.00


levit8 is a high density utility module designed to give you a large number of attenuator/gain functions along with optional mix, invert, dc offset and polarity indication for incoming signals.

while we are putting together videos to demonstrate all the functionality, design, and use of levit8, here are the features of the module.

8 channels of attenuate or gain up to ~2x
each channel normalized to provide up to 10v dc when no signal attached.
4 of the input channels can be inverted
bi-color (red/blue) led is after the inverter so you always know signal polarity

output mix configuration can be used with 3 different topologies
channel 4 mix engaged will mix channels 1-4 out channel 4 output
channel 8 mix engaged with channel 4 mix also engaged, 1-4 out channel 4 and 5-8 out channel 8
only channel 8 mix engaged, 1-8 out channel 8
channels 1,2,3,5,6,7 still provide straight through signal regardless of mix setting

aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
10 hp
skiff friendly (very shallow)
power: ±12v

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