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erogenous tones
mother's little helper

price : $249.00

motherís little helper is a companion module intended to be used with the moog mother32 semi-modular synthesizer. the midi out port allows cv/gate control of bank and patch, changing the assign output, and allows turning on/off the midi controlled sustain ability of the mother32. in addition, a sample & hold circuit has been added that is designed to be gate driven.

assign cv/gate input with attenuator, can select 16 different assign output settings for the mother32.
bank/pattern dual cv and gate input with attenuators. can select from 8 banks and 8 patterns stored in the mother32.
gate toggle input for sustain setting.
oríd buttons for all gate inputs for manual triggering.
2 segment led to show assign or bank/pattern settings.
decimal indicates value last sent to mother32 over midi.
aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
10 hp
skiff friendly (very shallow)
power: +12v/-12v

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