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sdiy mdrone

price : $70.00

the sdiy mdrone consists of 3 square wave oscillators and a bandpass filter with adjustable center frequency and bandwidth. the filter can be overdriven for a grittier sound. simple thru-hole construction can be completed in as little as a single evening.

operation from a single 9v battery allows hours of tweaking. use the sdiy mdrone alone, or with external effects for maximum fun. and, best of all, you can take pride in having built it yourself!

detailed assembly manual has step-by-step instructions, and, for educational customer, also includes a discussion of the basic circuit theory.

3 square wave oscillators with on/off
summing mixer
bandpass filter with adjustable q and fc
selectable "grit" (filter overdrive)
volume control
¼" mono line level output jack
9v battery operation
msrp $70 for parts + pcb kit
pre-drilled case option coming soon

download the users manual here.

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