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h8000fw (firewire version)

price : $5,495.00

Eventide proudly introduces its new eight-channel processor, the H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer® brand effects processor.  Designed for ultimate flexibility, the H8000 provides the highest quality audio performance combined with over one thousand of our best preset-algorithms culled from over thirty years of developing effects for live sound, broadcast, post-production, and music recording.


Eight channels of AES/EBU, ADAT and stereo S/PDIF digital I/O: 24-bit

Over eighty 5.1 presets, including 5.1 reverbs, and effects up to 96kHz sampling frequency.

The very best Eventide preset-algorithms, including our award-winning reverb, lush choruses, FM panners, sample-and-hold filters, vibratos, modulating delays, multiband compression, phase shifting, micro pitch shifting, vocoding and much more

New search engine functionality for easier preset sorting

Monolithic Tandem™ which allows one large algorithm to run using two DSP chips, providing the user with maximum horsepower for huge, complex algorithms including 5.1 reverbs and effects

Complex editing simplified with "Building-Block Effects Architecture"

"Anything-to-Anything" routing capability

Featuring UltraShifter™, our most natural-sounding, formant-corrected pitch changer, optimized for voice, which includes automatic pitch correction

New Custom Scales capability

MIDI, BPM, and Tap Tempo lock your effects in time with the beat

174 second mono sampler, or 87 seconds of phase-locked stereo with advanced looping, editing, and layering capabilities

Supported by VSIG™, our PC graphic editor/development tool

Pristine analog: Stereo XLR and 14" TRS inputs, s/n >110dB

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