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expert sleepers

price : $139.00


the expert sleepers usamo (universal sample-accurate midi output) provides a sample-accurate, jitter-free midi output from your daw.

the midi signal is generated by the usamo software, a plug-in which runs as a virtual instrument (au/vst/aax, mac & windows), as audio in your daw. the daw sends midi to the plug-in; the plug-in translates that to audio and sends it to the usamo hardware, via an output on your computer's audio interface. the usamo then reconstructs the midi and outputs it on a standard 5 pin din midi socket.

in addition to midi note and controller data from the daw, the usamo software also generates midi clock, song position pointer etc. it can also handle sysex.

because the midi signals are generated and transported as audio, they are guaranteed to be sample-accurately synced with your audio, and free of the jitter often associated with computer-generated midi.

the usamo uses the same technology previously available from expert sleepers silent way and the esx-8md module, but now in a standalone box, and from an analogue audio connection (the esx-8md requires a eurorack housing and a digital audio connection).

input: ¼" audio jack socket, accepts balanced or unbalanced signals
output: standard 5 pin din midi socket
controls: 'trim' pot
indicators: 'power', 'clip', 'activity'
power requirements: 9v dc @ 7ma, external psu (not included)
power connector: 2.1mm barrel socket, positive or negative tip
aluminium box, 108x80x44mm (4.25" x 3.15" x 1.73") (1u high, approximately quarter rack width)

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