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price : $389.00

micromodul lc2 is a pocket-size, custom-made controller for ableton live. lots of different control elements are integrated into this controller. this combination is the real strength of the lc2. this inexpensive controller unifies faders, encoders, buttons and joystick in a very compact form. you can use the programmable button row (6 buttons) to control various live functions like scene launch, fx control, mute, solo, track control and slot launch. parameter feedbacks from the application are indicated by led’s. the four push-encoders (endless pots with switch) are perfect for ‘jump-free’ controlling. important functions like track select, slot/scene-scroll and slot/scene-launch are fast accessable on the encoders by simple activating the main function. as of live version 4.1, you can use the lc2 immediately by using different setting files which are shipped with the controller - without the time consuming process of programming each separate control element. lc2 is very suitable as supplement for the lv2 because you can control 12 tracks simultaneously and have a crossfader for dj’ing.

amazing dj’ing with live for all users who want a lv2 with a crossfader
the lc2 can also be used with other programs. it is suited well for software sequencers due to its architecture/layout. you can not program the lc2 or assign controller numbers or key numbers, but you rarely need this function with current programs. the device is very compact and easy to transport, and you do not even need any power adaptors, it works with standard and rechargeable batteries.

- special controller for sequencer software (optimized for ableton live)
- setup files for ableton live as of version 4.1 are shipped with the controller
- independent of operating system and computer type (pc or mac) due to the midi interface (no driver necessary)
- crossfader controls the live-crossfader
- 6 track faders - you can switch between 2 fader groups (1-6, 7-12)
- 4 push-encoders for jump-free control of track-dependent and track-independent parameters (total of 144 parameters)
- main function for fast encoder access to important functions like trackselect, slot/scene-scroll, mastervolume, clip/scene-launch etc.
- joystick to control track-dependent and track-independent parameters (total of 30 parameters)
- button row with 6 buttons and led’s, programmable in 6 keymodes (scene-launch, fx-control, mute, solo etc.)
- parameter feedback of live button statuses is indicated by led’s (mute, fx)
- fadermute for all controls by holding down the instrument's shift button
- faderposition view by led’s if holding down the instrument's shift button
- play-led to show the beat speed
- independent power supply by standard or rechargeable batteries 3 x aa cell, lifetime about 30 to 60 hours
- powersave mode after 10 minutes of the last movement (running light)
- led battery control
- socket for an external power adaptor (4.5-6v dc - min. 50 ma)
- midi-merge function
- very compact design in a black, plastic casing (desktop format 180x105x70 mm, 450 g)
- silver aluminium front plate with anodised coating (abrasion resistant) and inscriptions
- 39 led's in different colors to display various information (low basic lights of all led's for better orientation in dark club atmosphere)
- high-quality faders, encoders and joystick from alps
- expandable system by other micromodul controllers (easy chaining by midi connections)
- compatible to the 1st/2nd micromodul line (same cc/note numbers like lv1, lx1, lv2, lx2, ld2)

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