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chord machine

price : $325.00

the module generates maximum four part chords within a range of maximum 9 octaves. to your disposal are 32 chords in 2 banks which can be put additionally into the first or second inversion. as a further variation the respective second note of the set chord (cv gate 2) can be transposed down about one octave. so in total there are 192 chords to your disposal. the module can be used for the generation of 2-note, 3-note or 4-note chords plus a fifth arpeggio have 3 operating modes for manual calibrations plus quantized or not quantized control via cv inputs. to your disposal is a chord list for sequential output of max. 16 programmable chords.

the notes of the chord can be spread sequentially via the separate arpeggio output. via the cv input the arpeggio can be spread or be put into scale mode (quantizer). the arpeggio can be played in all three modes.

click here for the user manual.

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