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price : $675.00


the flame curves provides an analog filter bank with 12 bands, which are controllable by an internal pattern sequencer. in addition to the main audio outputs (sum, odd and even band numbers), each filter band contains a direct out and an individual vca input. all bands are accessible via midi notes, therefore you can "play" curves with a midi keyboard or a daw.

outside the 99 slots of the pattern memory (before the first sequence number), curves runs in manual mode and offers several filter types (all-pass, low-pass, band-pass 1-3, high-pass).

create your own pattern, save them in the internal pattern sequencer and adjust curves` midi settings with the curves editor software, available for mac and windows. connect curves and your midi equipment easily with the included midi adapter cable (mini jack to 5pin female din, 0.7 m). use this cable for making firmware updates, which are provided as midi sysex files.

12 analoge filter channels
12 direct audio outputs
3 odd/even/all audio outputs
12 direct vca inputs
midi input
4x cv inputs (envelope, variations, fill, sequence)
analog clock & reset inputs
99 pattern sequence memory
win/mac editor software

210 ma +12v
160 ma -12v
45mm deep

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