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memory joystick

price : $229.00

Memory Joystick

the flame "memory joystick" module is a small programmable joystick, designed for small mobile euro racks. with the memory joystick, you can control your modular system like an old video game console. short movements of the stick are recordable (max. ca. 3sec). eight positions can be stored and recalled via buttons. alternatively, it is possible to jump from one to the next value. the feel then is similar to a step sequencer. you can even vary the playback behaviour. the memory joystick can generate unipolar or bipolar voltages in the range of 2 v, 5 v or 10 v.

the memory joystick will always start in manual mode:
moving the joystick generates cv at the x and y outputs. pressing hold will freeze the current position. the joystick movements are always being recorded in the background (ca. 3 sec) while the save button is blinking. by pushing the save button, now lit permanently, the playback of your movements will start. a reset impulse resets the loop. easy and enjoyable!

a little more complex, but not less enjoyable, is the second mode of operation.

by pushing memory, you enter the memory mode:
in this mode, you can use the eight buttons to save eight different joystick positions. this means you have a memory of eight values for the x and y cv-outputs. you can then play these eight memory slots manually with the respective eight buttons, or sequentially with a cv at cv-mem or with triggers at the trigger input.

while being clocked you can choose nine playback patterns by the position of the joystick. so this module is also a joystick-playable eight-step sequencer! the nine playback patterns are: middle position: up-down ( ping pong, pendulum)

the other eight patterns, starting at 9 o'clock position:
9 o'clock: random
11 o'clock: alternate-1
12 o'clock: forward / up
1 o'clock: alternate-2
3 o'clock: alternate-3
5 o'clock: alternate-4
6 o'clock: reverse / down
7 o'clock: alternate-5

the memory in memory mode is non-volatile, meaning you can power off your module and return to the exact setting.

another nice feature of the memory joystick: the orientation can be varied by 180°! this way, you can decide whether you want the buttons and jacks on the top or bottom of the module. when using the module upside-down, there is a nice little trick: push a little switch on the back of the module to invert the x & y outputs and also shift the starting position of the sequencer by four steps.

ribbon cable adapter for doepfer bus +/-12volt
in-cv 0..5v: mem-cv input
reset: reset input
trigger in: trigger/clock input
trigger out: trigger output
out-x: cv input x-axis (bipolar/unipolar, max.10v)
out-y: cv input y-axis (bipolar/unipolar, max.10v)
current consumption: ca. + 60ma / - 5ma
size: euro rack format 3u / 10hp 50,5x128,5mm

click here for the user manual.

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